Jun 27 2006

Welcome to the (unofficial) host of Pandora's Jar

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Development is halted on this project and it will likely not work any more since Pandora is a lot more sophisticated now. You are certainly welcome to try, but I won’t/can’t help you.

This is more or less a rehash of information found at the Hak5 forums.


  • Latest version of Java RE (or optionally JDK)
  • Firefox Browser
  • Latest version of Apache Ant (optional)
  • Flash 8 (NOT Flash 9, it won’t work)


Beta 7.3.1 is here (with sources and ANT script) (includes src files)
Note: This version includes the ‘MrDave’ skin AND BOTH the l0ki76117 skins (HAK5 and Milky).


The latest stable version (BETA version7.3.1) can be found here:

Skins Pack 1 (includes Neon Red, Neon Violet and Neon Green)


Unzip everything to the same directory ("C:\Pandora" for example) and then run the pandora.bat file. You may need to edit the pandora.bat file to point to your browser location (if it is non-standard)

You can specify a port (80 is the default) if 80 is being used by launching pandora.bat with a single parameter (i.e., pandora.bat 8888) to specify the port desired.

This is known to work on Mas OS X using the script. You must set the permissions of the file to make it executable and the iTunes stuff does not work on Macs.

To install a Skin Pack just unzip the file into an existing Pandora installation. NOTE: Skin Packs may replace files in your default Pandora Installation so be sure to install them AFTER you install a default Pandora.


barley!!! wrote:

I discovered a problem with the ITunes integration, it appears as in some systems you must have a copy of the jacob.dll in your system32 directory or a java runtime exception is sometimes thrown.

To resolve this problem:

  1. copy the jacob.dll filefrom the ../pandora/install/bin/ directory
  2. paste the file into your system’s C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory.
  3. restart pandoras jar
  4. the ITunes option should work now

There is also a file called in the pandora folder. You MUST edit this file to change the default save location for your mp3 files. Here is a sample configuration:

#uncomment the following line to set your preferred storage dir<br />#u can change at at runtime if u want<br />mp3.archive.path=C:/Pandora/<br />tmp.mp3.retry.count=20

If you have Flash 9 and want to uninstall it and install Flash 8:
You can download Flash Player 8 HERE
But first you have to uninstall Flash Player 9 by downloading THIS

Props (aka the Blame):

  • Irieb (who started this madness)
  • Cooper (who continued this madness)
  • barley!!! (who refined this madness)
  • l0ki76117 (who improved the look of the madness)
  • moonlit (who inspired more imrovements to madness)
  • lamentos (who suggested improvements to the madness)
  • nyb141 (who made a version of the madness)
  • wheatstraw (who unleased madness on a Mac)
  • btothec (who wrote the mac madness shell script)
  • eric714 (who did the same thing for windows)
  • MrDave2176 (who perpetuates this madness)


  • Version Beta 7.3.1 (mrdave2176):
    * Changed file parsing * Minor Tweaks
  • Version Beta 7.3 (unmaster/barley!!!/mrdave2176):
    * Fixed URL to mini player
    * Fixed positioning of Mini Player
    * Added style switcher
    * Added "Backstage" button
    * Bundled l0ki76117 skins with distro.
    * cleaned out some redundant files
    * added ‘favorites’ icon
    * added pandorasJar version (in
  • Version Beta 7.2 (Barley!!!/MrDave2176):
    * Added ‘skins’ folder and restructured pandoraGrabber.html to use the skinsfolder for storing them.
  • Version Beta 7.1 (Barley!!!/MrDave2176):
    * Fixed iTunes. Added shell script for Mac OSX usage
  • Version Alpha 7 (MrDave2176/Barley!!!):
    * Fixed methodology for finding cache files. Added itunes functionality.
  • Version Beta 6 (MrDave2176/Cooper):
    * Added Src Files and minor tweaks.
  • Version Alpha 6 (MrDave2176/Cooper):
    * Changed Logging, added Skin Files
  • Version Beta 5 (nyb141/Cooper):
    * All settings such as pandora username, username/password, and other options can be saved
    * Settings are saved to a cookie which expires after 60 days
  • Version beta 4 (lamentos/Cooper):
    * Logging went from info to debug (i.e. you’ll get more of it)
    * The FileType class got an extra import for all util classes (prolly doesn’t need it, but harmless)
    * Mp3Processor updated to no longer test for an ‘access’ file, but instead a file with a numeric filename.
  • Version Beta 3b:
    * Pandora updated versions
  • Version Beta 3: (irieb) use to specify archive dir
    * filenaming complete, easier to manage now
    * option exist for cddb lookup now
    * station name in comment – when available
    * added some logic around the funky 500 kb SWF file on first song and the fast forwarding
  • Version beta 2: (irieb):
    * included a buffer before any execution for skipping or thumbs downing those few bad apples that come up every now and then
    * abort button in the case you want to abort the process but still listen to the song.
    * Fixed a bug when pausing, then playing / changing stations
  • Version beta 1 (irieb):
    * add recent tracks to your account!!!
    * resolved some misc bugs – optimized performence – loads much, much faster now.
  • Version 0.7 (irieb):
    * resolved Pandora title artist / song title change
    * save mp3 artist/album/song.mp3
    * ID3 tagging artis/album/song/track/year/genre
    * fetches artist bio – via
    * fetched [track stat]
    * fetched [similar songs]
    * fetches [top fans]
    * fetches and saves album art – via
    * tags ID3 cover art – (embeds album image in MP3, viewable in ITUNES / IPOD)
  • Version 0.63 (irieb):
    * tags ID3 cover art – (embeds album image in MP3, viewable in ITUNES / IPOD)
  • Version 0.6 (irieb):
    * new feature! – looks up and saves album cover image
    * misc bug fixes
  • Version 0.5 (irieb):
    * Top fans (with links) current song playing – via
    * Cover art from when available
    * Rebranded – Pandoras Jar
  • Version 0.4 (irieb):
    * song stats displayed
    * similar songs displayed
    * new beefed up front-end (using AJAX calls now)

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