Feb 15 2019

This person does not exist.

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This is a programmatically generated face. It is not a real person. Do not trust what you see online unless you can find supporting evidence. It comes from here:

UPDATE Apparently this cat does not exist, either.

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Jan 10 2019

A simple D&D time tracker

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Click to increment. Right-click to reset.


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  • I think I'm having a midlife crisis. I expected it would be a need to exult in the things of youth. The car you always wanted; a trophy wife; sowing oats and all that. But it really isn't. It is just getting tired of bearing the responsibility of being an adult.

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  • I am updating the template for Wildandbad after something like 8 years to something lighter and more responsive. But it is going to be a little confusing for a while until I iron out all the bugs. Also, don't stub your toes on broken links.

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  • For 26 days--one for each letter of the alphabet, Nov 29th, 2014 to Dec 25th 2014--I will tweet to my larger audience something for which I am thankful. I encourage you to do the same. I'll be hashtaging #26DaysofGratitude #ThankfulFor and then linking this post. If it goes viral I'll probably break my server.

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  • Due to updates, recent vulnerabilities, and other things, W&B was down. It was only down for a month or so, but nobody bothered to say anything. was also down. It is back up too. You are welcome.

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  • It seems to me that with all the female fans trying to reeducate the male fans about proper behavior at conventions and shows, it is necessary to have some compelling educational materials.

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