May 18 2017

Gen-Con 50

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I've bought my tickets, made my hotel reservations, filled my wish list for GenCon#50 for the weekend of Aug 16-Aug 20 in Indianapolis, IN. I have even found a roommate for the hotel since the only rooms were double rooms with double beds (that'll cut back on some of the costs). I thought I would post a taste of the schedule I have planned.

Note that this is just a wish list. It could change drastically after the event registration is opened on may 28th. But for now, this is what I am planning to play.Here are links to the events, if you are interested.

Game ID Title
RPG17120728 The Adventure Continues - Season 7 Preview Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
RPG17112179 GHR-Gen Con Special 1- Sowing the Seeds Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
RPG17120833 PHLAN 2-1 Hatemaster Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
RPG17120845 PHLAN 2-2 Demagogue Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
RPG17112888 3 Days Until Retirement Three Days Until Retirement, 1st Edition
ENT17116122 They Might Be Giants Concert - General Seating
RPG17120857 PHLAN 2-3 The Royal We Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
BGM17116947 Rum & Bones - The Big Boat Battle Rum & Bones 2nd Tide, 1st Edition
BGM17104678 Engle Matrix: Harry Potter Engle Matrix, 1st Edition
BGM17111821 Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats Firefly Adventures, 1st Edition
RPG17111253 InfinitasDM Lightning Delve - Battle Against Time Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
RPG17112326 A Plague of Arias Start Trek Adventures, 1st Edition
RPG17111963 Roll for Shoes Roll for Shoes, 1st Edition
BGM17110625 Arcane Academy: Head of the Class Tournament Arcane Academy, 1st Edition
BGM17108422 3D Game of Thrones Game of Thrones, modified 2nd Edition
BGM17111712 Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, 1st Edition
ENT17105806 Firefly Drinking Songs With Marc Gunn
BGM17113569 Casting Casting, 1st Edition
RPG17105848 Cool Story Bro Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
RPG17112890 A Few Good Men - or Women - or Things Interaction, 1st Edition
BGM17111834 Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats Firefly Adventures, 1st Edition
RPG17108301 The Secret Auction (Alloy of Law) Mistborn, 1st Edition
RPG17111964 Roll for Shoes Roll for Shoes, 1st Edition
RPG17104821 Rock Band 2: A Comeback Tour Fiasco, 1st Edition
RPG17104196 Rockalypse Fate, Core Edition
BGM17108482 Jim Henson's Labyrinth the Game Labyrinth, 1st Edition
ENT17106062 Nerdlesque Extravaganza 2017!
RPG17105724 Glowing In the Jungle III Gamma World, 4th Edition
BGM17113858 Legend of Sleepy Hollow Demo Legend of Sleepy Hollow, prerelease Edition
RPG17120868 PHLAN 2-S Damnation Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
BGM17113899 Lazer Ryderz Demo Lazer Ryderz, 1st Edition

This isn't my first Gen-Con but it is the first one I've registered to play events for since the creation of the internet (okay, the Web, then). I did attend in 2015 but I did so as a volunteer for Gale Force Nine games. And that was cool, I wandered around and saw a few of the events and the dealer room, but I really didn't "attend" as much as visit. My time was tied up in the GF9 game demos.

Before that, it was Gen Con '88 in Milwaukee. I'd been in 1985 (alone & without a room) and '86 (with a friend but still without a room). In '87 (GenCon #20) I shared a room at the college dorms with a friend and took the bus. In '88 I had a hotel room and took either taxis or public transportation to the event. That was the only year I ever flew to Gen Con.

I have long since lost my Gen Con 20 shirt, bag and the mug has broken (the notebook might still be hanging around somewhere), but i still have my Gen Con '88 shirt which I intend to wear as an official grognard. My GenCon #50 shirt has already been delivered and I've worn it once to break it in (TableTop Day naturally). I also have my first badge holder so I am really looking forward to this.

Heather, frankly, can't take the crowds. And even for me they are daunting. I kind of wish she could see it once. But unless something changes in they way its being done, I doubt she will. But Gen Con is a deeply personal pilgrimage for me. I don't think she could keep me away. I hope I am still able to attend in 2042 (at the age of 78) so I can say I've hit every quarter-century GenCon in the last 75 years.