Aug 12 1999

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USHUD.COM is looking sharp. The look is going to play an important part in the appeal of the site. But I am back on the real-estate listings by 2PM. Its a terrible distraction, but I understand that it needs to be done. Robb at A Better Limo calls and Joe, who was the mechanic there is leaving. Today is his last day. Robb invites Michael and me over for a "party" to see him off. Robbs party turns out to be Michael and me and Joe, and Robb, a bottle of Gin and a bottle of tonic, and 4 dirty glasses. Not exactly my idea of a celebration. But Mike and I "bond" some over a couple of drinks. After the "party" Robb invites us over to Griffins West for some more drinks. I feel a drunk coming on, and rush up to meet it. There at Griffins we meet Shane. I remember him from the Limo days as a competitor who, while professional wasn't exactly friendle. He Says he has bought one anoher company and I remark on it to make him look kinda silly. He makes a comment to Mike which does not make much sense "Thanks for taking my wife off my hands" After he leaves, Robb says something about being surprised that he did not greet Mike with a punch in the face. Mike looks a little ashen, and I ask why. Robb goes on to explain that Michael is sleeping with Shane's wife. I am shocked (Mike elaborates that they are separated, and that Shane's comment is related to the fact that he is selling her a house too). The idea strikes me as funny. When I get home, I am hungry (I started drinking on an empty stomach and am pretty sloshed) and MOM begins to 'lecture'. I can barely tolorate her contining disapproval when I am sober, much less drunk. So I begin to tell her about how it makes me feel. Loudly. I can remember shouting at her "Why do I keep seeking your approval when I know you will never give it? Who do I keep going to? Why?" She comes back with "David, you are scaring me!" This is what she says when she knows I am angry and she does not know why. Yet another attempt to make her understand me, gone to waste. I just leave. I get something to eat at the 7-11 and then McDonalds. I go to Blockbuster but don't know what to look for, so I leave. When I get home, its after 1am, and so I just sit on the couch, watch TV (I think I signed onto the internet...not sure) drink a lot of water (to prevent the hangover I am pretty sure is going to be there) and finally drop to sleep around 2am. I wake up at 5am and go to bed.