Aug 3 1999

Blair Witch

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No cash. Therefore <long list of expletives> no trip to GenCon. There is very small chance that I might get there if I leave Thursday instead. I could take in the con on Saturday and Sunday, and return Monday. But its a very remote chance.

Mike says he can have check by Thursday, Mom has offered me $75 in cash to shampoo the rug. And I just got 3 letters from the bank. I am overdrawn $383.00. <Longer list of expletives>

I am headed to the offices of USi and put in an application tomorrow. I need cash…fast. this work for yourself shit sucks.

HIGH POINT: Saw The Blair Witch Project tonight. Very Scary. There is a lot of raw emotion in the film. More than you would expect. But the footage in the film is very “at the moment” and so consequently you identify very strongly with the emotions of the three students portayed in the film. I have not felt that much of a mix of emotions since I watched E.T. Masterfully done. Check the movie website for some of the back-story behind the film.