Aug 4 2005

I Hate Driving

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It is surprising to consider that I drive a crappy 1995 Geo Tracker (which the MVA insists is a Chevy Tracker). To top it off I commute 35 miles along major highways at 75-80 mph in this rattle trap. At points in the journey it makes my teeth rattle and my head pound with the deafening road-noise.

I have to turn the radio up so loud that it distorts and it sounds like additional static as I zoom along at the upper limit of speed for the green bomb. I have to wonder what it will be like if I get another, sleeker, quieter, car. What will that drive be like?

If I am driving at the upper limit of speed for the Tracker, would I do the same for the other car? Will I drive at 90-100 mph in that car because it feels the same? Hm, not sure about that.

I am not an agressive driver. If I am driving agressively it is because I am surrounded by poo-heads and morons and I get frustrated with them. I mean who drives at the speed limit in the fast lane ? Morons. Poo heads.

In Maryland, especially, people sleep-drive (myself included). They change lanes without indicating , they drive at sub-flow speeds and they drive in packs of cars instead of lines that allow faster cars to pass and slower ones to be…well…slower.

Given my ‘druthers I’d drive a leisurely speed to work and back. But then it would take me a lot longer on the road with the poo-heads and morons. I guess I’ll just stick to the teeth-rattling.