Jul 15 1999


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Looks like may not do as well as we had hoped. So it will get shoved aside for the “Doctor Hud” idea that Mike had. It seemed like an okay idea until i heard the marketing concept that Richard had…Damn that boy knows his stuff! He really is a marketing Guru. More evidence that makes me want to make sure that he and I stay in touch. We can work some magic together. And Dr. Hud may be the avenue to see how it can work!

Okay, another observation. I have been seeing this Volkwagon Passat commercial over the past few months. And every time I just have to pause and admire the craftsmanship of the commercial. You may have seen it. 3 cops run out of an alley, stop a car (a Passat) and hop in. then they chase the criminal. Watch it closely next time. Its a masterpiece of TV advertising. I could ramble on for a page and a half (and still might) on what makes this commercial so good.