Sep 11 2005

Why I'll never make a dime on this site

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When you write a blog you must decide on a few things before long:

1) Who am I writing this for? Do I have an adience at all or am I just blowing my opinion out to the ether in order to satisfy some small ego-turd that you have rattling about in your brain.

2) What do I have to talk about on a regular basis that people will come and read on a regular basis. What is it that makes me more interesting than Emma Story or Mike Krahulik (for instance) or that even qualifies me to mention their names in a post?

3) Is your site something that anyone in their right mind would pay you to keep up. If you were to suddenly bequeath your entire site to another person would they bother to keep it up or would they sell off the domain to some spam-spewing advertiser or serach-engine shit?

Me, I am feeding my ego-turd and don’t have anythng interesting to say and my domain is better suited to porn than spam.

But that’s just me.