Apr 14 2006

Good News and bad news

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First the good news…

 My supervisor wandered through the cube-farm today and said "Go home" – presumeably becasue it is a holiday weekend and nobody was doing anything more important than reading their email.

As he passed my desk he said "We are putting you through for a promotion.  We are upping your pay to $80k if that’s okay." Um…let me think about that. YES. 6 months in and I get a 30% raise…what isn’t to like?

So I am driving home bopping (as I do) to my iPod and the traffic suddenly stops.  Dead.  I slam on the breaks and slow down while gritting my teeth.  Just as I realize I am not going to plow into the rear of the guy ahead of me I get rear ended by a Tractor Trailer.

 Yep…16 wheels and weighing at least 10 times as much as my Geo Tracker.  It didn’t drive me into the van ahead of me (thank heavens!) but it dive cave in my tailgate, bumper and part of the bed in the back.  But worse yet, it made my seat go all funny.  

Cops were called, names were exchanged, and such.  I was uninjured (although I expect some minor whiplash pains – they are unavoidable) and the Tracker is still driveable (although it reeks of brake pads) 

 I called my insurance company and am expecing a call back any minute. 

 With luck like this, who needs to play the lottery?  I might just give myself a terminal papercut as soon as I hear I won!