Apr 20 2006

ZIPPO + USB = I am gonna make a mint...

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This is an idea I came up with. A USB-drive or Flash-card reader in a ZIPPO lighter case. Although the design may change over time I am looking into prices (I’d like to think the reader could be priced under $20) and options.

I am already looking into manufacturing with my friend in China. Basically if we can do this we’ll both make a fortune.

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Want one? Email me or leave a message here. You’ll get a notification when they are ready.

Initially they’ll be plain silver, but it is my hope that ANY ZIPPO-compatible sleeve will fit it.

UPDATE: I found a similar product but it doesn’t seem to have the flip-top or be sized to fit a ZIPPO case.

There is also definately a market for this judging by this Digg thread but I think my estimate of 2GB wouldn’t be enough to entice people.