Dec 10 2007

Dilemma (aka Timing Sucks)

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  • Nov. 22: I accepted a position at a company in Columbia to start Dec 7.
  • Nov 28: Leave to go on a cruise
  • Nov 29: Another company sends me a better job offer via mail and email.
  • Dec 7 1:00am: Return from cruise and crash directly to bed.
  • Dec 7 7:00am: Get up and go straight to new job.
  • Dec 7 6:30pm: Get home and check email and held mail and find other job offer.

...And then agonize all weekend because I can't talk to anyone before Monday.

I called to verify that the offer was still good, and then resigned from the new job after only one day. I feel sick because it is embarrassing and upsetting and I feel like I have let down the first company. But it is the right thing to do. This second job is more money, better benefits, better location, and it is more in keeping with where I see my career going.

I have a feeling that the first company would have been a good place to work. Emotionally rewarding and professionally satisfying. But this other has potential to advance me in my profession. I can't let it pass. Even if it does mean a few days of gut wrenching angst.