Mar 5 2008

Will he be buried in the Tomb of Horrors?

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Gary Gygax died on March 5th at the age of 69. Strange how time and age destroys your heroes. Mr E. Gary Gygax was one of my heroes, to be sure. He created something unique that touched billions of lives (and even those who never played D&D) and he did it with passion and style.

I was fortunate enough to meet the man once at Gen-Con in 1988 long enough to shake his hand and say "Thank you" in person. That is something I am very proud of.

Wherever his genius winds up, I hope that this incarnation of his existence is always remembered as having been worthy. I know that had it not been for him, my life would never have been as fascinating or as fulfilling as it is now.

R.I.P. E. GARY GYGAX 1938-2008