Aug 25 1999

Rain Today

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Rain today. Lots of it. I think its probably a by-product of Hurricane Dennis down off the coast of Florida. Mike had me working on real estate most of the day. BLBs, the HUD complaint letter, and lots of other shit. I want to get back to the USHUD site. I found a source of state maps with county boundaries, and now the job does not look so formidable. Anne was supposed to come by tonightat 6:30 and drop off my phone. We had planned to hit a thrift shop and then walk some, but she is way late. She pulls in at 7:30 and the GoodWill closes at 8p. We managed to find 3 pairs of pants for $10. Not bad. She suggests working on my wardrobe, but I have more stuff to work on (her site for example). So she wheedles her way in and suggests dinner, inviting Mom out with us to the Mexican Cafe. I enjoy the food, and margaritas, but we don't get home 'til 10 pm. Then she starts in about me going to bed early. This whole shit just pisses me off more and more every time she does it. I want to WORK! I have SHIT TO DO!! and it is piling up. and she wants to fritter away the nights (when I work twice as much as during the day because I can work on things in the way I want to, not how others want me to) on "sleeping". Then she has the gall , the nerve! to accuse me of playing games at night. I get upset (naturally) and then it just gets awkward. And she wants me to spend MORE time with her? Not on your life! I would kill her first.