Aug 17 1999

Long Time

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Still going strong. Realized how long it has been since I updated this record and was pretty ashamed. I have had other things on my mind (as you can probably tell from the volume of stuff I have written here). Worked hard. and it looks like USHUD.COM will be online for a test run within a week or so more. Good job! Mike was complaining about time today. Sometimes I want to slap the man. He has said he sometimes needs a kick in the butt. I may have to deliver one personally. I realize I am not one of the worlds great motivated persons, but I am generally happy as long as things aren’t going to shit. I have known Michael a long time and he isn’t the kind of person who is ever really happy. He is generally negative actually. but he has energy, I’ll give him that!

Reality check. This is my journal, and I have been talking about Michael more days than not over the past week. Of course when someone is right behind you as you work all day its about all that fills your senses at the subconcscious level. ME? I tried to straightne out the USHUD domain name fiasco. and I worked on correcting a MRIS entry or two. and of course USHUD. Added some additional grahics in an effort to make it “warmer”. more inviting. I have an appointment with Anne on Saturday (confirmed, Anne). So sometime before then I will have to do some work on her site. I have a list. I may take an afternoon off to do that this week. I need the break.