Aug 14 1999


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Michael aparently got drunk last night too. He has a fragmented tale about being on his front lawn throwing up. Kinda makes me wish I had done that too. I can tell something has kinda firmed up between Michael and me. I don't doubt that he would drop me like a hot potato if I screw things up, but he is willing to stand by me (see my MEDITATIONS, this is about what I expected). He also says that Nancy (Shane's sort-of ex-wife) sat at my desk last night and looked up at the sayings board and zeroed right into the "wife off my hands" saying. Of all the odds! I feel pretty bad, but Michael is cool about it. he explains that I was standing right next to him when Shane said it. Aparently that was enough for her. Michael has pretty much stopped bitching and moaning about Richard. Thank God. But now he is going on and on about Krissa, Nancy, and all of the other girlfriends he has on and off. He moans about being fat, and short and on and on. Sounds like Ally McBeal. I stopped watching Alley McBeal exactly becasue of what Michael is doing. Here are people who have good lives. They get paid a lot of money (They ARE power attorneys!). They have beautiful houses (Mike's house cost almost $200K). Some of them have good families even if they are a little disfunctional (Krissa and Mike have a beautiful baby!). And I look at my life and compared to thiers...mine sucks. And THEY are the one complaining. What have I missed? Is this what success means? Heave everyting and compalin about it? Folks, if you are reading this, and you make more than $40K a year, have a house, and a relationship, and aren't happy, then I'll trade you in a heartbeat!!!! I will give you anything you want for your life. My talent. My brain,. Up to 3 of my 4 kidneys. Part of my liver. Heck you can even have both of my legs. (I need my arms). Email me and let me know what the price is, and I'll pay it. Stop whining!