Mar 26 2009

Forced to Remember

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I found an entire cache of old online journal entries from 1999 (back before anyone knew what a "blog" was) and I've posted them into this blog. I was able to date them accurately and I've posted mostly as-is (although I did remove the links since most of them were broken anyway).

They date from right after Eric died and run for about 2 months or so before I got bored with it. I had not started working for Michael full-time at that point, but I was doing a lot of work for him.

I also notice I did a lot of whining and I was journalling every day. It isn't very interesting to read since I wasn't even considering that anyone would read it. And frankly, I doubt any one will read it now. But it is out there just like it was before. Raw. Unfiltered. Uncorrected and best (or worst) of all just as it happened.

Welcome back, "1999 self".


BONUS: I found this old picture of Heather and me from my first visit to Melbourne (back in December 2002). Look at us and point and laugh.

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