Mar 31 2009

Doctor Who Micro-Universe Variant Combat Rules

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I started collecting the Doctor Who Micro-Universe Miniatures mostly becasue they were cool, and also because it was a fairly small investment to acquire them.

I had read that they had a mini-game attached to them, but I had no idea how stupid and boring that game could be. The game play, is awful. Really really bad.

  1. Pick an Figure (eg dalek)
  2. Foe picks figure.
  3. Pick a combat stat without looking at your mini's stats.
  4. You spin the console to generate random number. Add the 1-6 to your picked stat. The foe does the same (and must use same stat)
  5. Highest number wins. Losing piece goes off board or to the victor.
  6. Pick next figure to battle.

No movement, no real abilities, and not a lot of fun. So I started looking for ways to spice it up. I could play the Doctor Who Miniatures Game, or I could write my own. So I wrote my own. It is a work-in-progress and as such it represents only the most basic level of game balancing. Although, I think that this does add some strategy to an otherwise simplistic (and really boring) game. I am eager to get some feedback. I have included a list of stats for the various figures that I have. If you have any of the other ones I'd be interested to hear what their stats are.

I am also looking for ideas on how to use the ships without unbalancing the game. I also am pondering "Timelord regeneration" rules and other special maneuvers. Let me know if this is either a colossal waste of time or a cool idea.

Update V1.1: April 3, 09

  • Changed Point Totals for Bonuses:
    • Changed bonus for "Companion" from 3 to 1 for all figures
    • Added exception for being the only figure in a force with companion (in which case your ability is useless).
    • Changes bonus for "Swarm" from 2 (and 1 for other figures) to 3 (2 for other figures)
    • Removed points for figure rarity
  • Altered attacker determination slightly to account for ties.
  • Added "best guess" for the stats of figures I don't have (highlighted in gray on the table).

  • Posted V1.0: Mar 31, 09


    Game Rules: Order of Play

    Determine forces 50-100 Total figure points per side (agreed upon by each side). Base points The sum of the four stats (Temporal, Logical, Physical, and Fear)
    Total points Base Points of the figure plus
      +1 for Uncommon
      +2 for Rare
      +3 for Exclusive (with ship)
      +1 +2 for Swarm others
      +2 +3 for Swarm self
      +3 +1 for Companion * *Prof Yana and Mr. Saxon only get +2 for this ability. If only one figure in your force has the comanion ability you do not count this.
    Choose figures Each Player chooses one (1) figure from their remaining forces. A player cannot choose a claimed figure for combat nor can they choose a figure that was withdrawn from the last combat. If a player cannot choose a figure the game is over.    
    Choose sides Players can choose to "guard", "capture", "avoid" or "fight" with their figure.  If both players choose to be the attacker, the figure with the LOWEST total points (including bonuses) is considered the attacker and the other figure is considered the defender.  In the case of two attackers with the same total and same base, roll the console to determine the attacker.
    If neither player chooses to be an attacker then the combat is a draw (nobody wins) and both figures are withdrawn.
    Guard Chose to be the defender.
    Avoid Chose to be the defender with a +1 bonus. However, you cannot claim figures if you win (it is withdrawn).
    Capture Chose to be the attacker.
    Fight Choose to be the attacker with a +1 bonus. However, you cannot claim figures if you win (it is removed from the game).
    Attacker Figure using an "fight" or "capture".
    Defender Figure using an "avoid" or "guard" or the more aggressive (highest point total) of two attackers.
    Choose stat The attacker chooses the combat stat.    
    Defender abilites Once the combat is decided, then the defender can use special abilities (i.e. Companion) Companion Prior to resolving combat the figure in play can be swapped for any other figure in play. Professor Yana and Mr. Saxon can only be swapped for each other.
    Combat Combat is resolved by each player rolling a console and adding the result to the combat stat.  The highest number wins.  In the case of a tie the players may choose to roll again (if both players agree) or be withdrawn.  If a figure is withdrawn it cannot participate in the next combat. Rolling the console You can either use a d6 or you can spin the console spinners from the sets.  The best technique I have found is to spin the consoles about 3cm (about 1") above the table and let them drop. If you spin them directly on the table they spin for 12-15 seconds before giving a result.
    Claim figures If the winner can claim the figure they do so, otherwise the figure is withdrawn or removed from the game. Claim a figure Unless both players agree that the game is for 'keeps' you have to give the figures back at the end of the game.
    Attacker abilities If a winner is decided, the attacker can use special abilities (i.e. Swarm) Swarm Instead of being removed from the game the figure is withdrawn.  These figures may still be claimed. Some figures, if in play, give this ability to other figures in play (Slitheen to Pig Pilots for example) but do not have it themselves.
    Repeat Repeat steps 2-9. Figures which were withdrawn from the last combat cannot be selected in step 2. Play repeats from step 2 unless a player cannot choose a figure (which may happen if the players only remaining figure is withdrawn).    
    Declare winner The player with the highest total of remaining figures PLUS claimed figures is declared the winner.  In the case of a tie, evaluate the following (in order) to determine a marginal winner. The player with the most total figures (of claimed and remaining); the highest valued figure (of both claimed and remaining); the player who started with the least number of figures; and finally, the player who had the weakest figure in the game. Optional Victory Conditions • Heaviest figure.
    • Tallest figure.
    • Rarest figure.
    • Highest base value.

    Figure List (with Stats and Special Abilities)

    Name R P L F T A Special Base Total
    DALEC SEC  R 3 6 6 5     20 20
    MR SAXON/THE MASTER  U 6 6 3 4 C Prof Yana Only 19 20
    DOCTOR WITH SPACE SUIT (Sanctuary Rocket) E 6 6 3 4 C   19 20
    THE DOCTOR IN LONG COAT  R 6 6 2 4 C   18 19
    CAPTAIN JACK (Chula Ship) E 4 5 3 5 CS   17 22
    WEREWOLF  U 3 3 6 6     18 18
    DOCTOR WITH SCREWDRIVER (Tardis) E 6 5 2 4 C   17 18
    CYBER CONTROLLER  U 1 6 5 4 S Cybermen 16 18
    CLOCKWORK MAN (Black) U 3 6 4 4     17 17
    CLOCKWORK MAN (Blue)  C 3 6 4 4     17 17
    CYBERMAN  C 1 5 5 5     16 16
    ASSAULT DALEK  U 1 6 5 4     16 16
    PROFESSOR YANA/THE MASTER  R 4 5 2 4 C Mr Saxon Only 15 16
    JUDOON CAPTAIN (Judoon Patrol Ship) E 1 4 4 5 S Judoon Trooper 14 16
    KRILLITANE  C 2 3 4 4 S   13 16
    AUTON  C 1 2 4 6 S   13 16
    MICKEY SMITH  U 2 4 3 5 C   14 15
    DALEK SEC HYBRID  R 2 4 4 3 S Pig Slaves 13 15
    EMPTY CHILD  C 1 3 5 3 S   12 15
    OOD C 1 4 2 5 S   12 15
    HOIX  U 1 4 5 4     14 14
    SYCORAX LEADER C 1 4 4 5     14 14
    MARTHA JONES  R 4 4 2 3 C   13 14
    JUDOON TROOPER  C 1 3 4 5     13 13
    SLITHEEN  C 1 4 3 5     13 13
    K-9  U 2 6 1 3 C   12 13
    THE MOX OF BALHOON  C 2 5 2 2     11 11
    RENETTE (S.S. Madme De Pompadour) E 2 5 1 2 C   10 11
    SARAH JANE SMITH  R 2 4 1 2 C   9 10
    PIG SLAVE C 1 1 3 4     9 9
    PIG PILOT (Slitheen Cruiser) E 1 1 4 2     8 8