Apr 17 2009

Twitter Hijinks

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I actually got mad enough at someone to drop them for being a dick. He posted a link to something stated by Charles Schumer in the senate along with the senator's phone number.

I sent a reply to this person saying that it was "bad form" to post someone else's phone number without their permission. And said it would be better if they had linked to it instead.

This person's reaction was to RE-Tweet MY NAME with the same phone number. Now it looks like I support his asinine temper tantrum. While I think it is important to contact the Senator and tell him he is flat wrong about his assertion I also think it is important to not throw people's contact information around without their permission.

It's about respect. I can't respect anyone who doesn't respect others. Especially a member of Congress. If you don't respect them, why should they respect you? You hurt your own cause. If he wants to drop me. He can do that. I've got nothing else to say to him.