May 28 2009

2009 "Tweet me a story" Round 1 Entries

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The first round of the “Tweet me a Story” writing contest from NYCmidnight was last night. Entrants were assigned a word at 7 p.m. and had 5 hours to come up with up to 3 stories, under 140 characters each, including that word in proper usage.

My group got the word “LOST.” Here’s what I submitted

Entry #1: "Gone but not forgotten"
The girl I'd been watching for more than a year is the one to whom I lost my virginity. I never found her or it again. I don't miss either.
Entry #2: "Expectation"
It was unrealistic to assume I'd won the moment I entered but in retrospect it was equally unrealistic to assume I'd lost before I started.
Entry #3: "Tarzan"
Lost in the jungle, the baby cried for its mother. A mother answered who had lost her child. They made a fine pair, this mismatched couple.