Jul 15 2009

The 2nd Annual Browncoats Backwoods Bash!

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Saturday, September 19th, at Spring Mill State Park just south of Mitchell, Indiana, at the Sycamore Shelter House, from 10:30am- Dark.

Come join your fellow Browncoats in a day of fun at our Annual Sereniverse Celebration. The Browncoats Bash is a pitch-in style picnic and so much more! The only mandatory cost is admission to the park, which is $5 per carload. Any other expense is purely voluntary. Here are some of the things we will be having and doing this year:

  • A Singalong of the Firefly theme and "Hero of Canton" (earplugs optional)
  • A Sereniverse Costume Contest, with prizes for both "Best Character Costume", and "Best Sereniverse Costume". So, dress in your best Western/Oriental clothing combination, and see if your "look" is a winner!
  • Coloring for the kids and more! The Sycamore Shelter is right next to the playground, so please... bring the Little browncoats.
  • Food! Like last year, "Good Dogs" will be provided, along with hot dog buns and condiments. There will be about 2 gallons of sweet tea, and a couple dozen cans of pop, so bring more if you're thirsty! There will be sliced apples with carmel dipping sauce (Grenades cost extra), and some kind of Hot Cheese for the Chips.

Please RSVP by e-mailing if you plan to help out and bring anything. Chips and Vegetable trays are handy, and deserts are, well, yummy.

  • Videos! I'm bringing the big TV again this year, to watch Firefly and maybe more, if we have time.
  • Tour the Pioneer Village. We are tenatively planning to "theme" the Village Tour this year. If the Village Staff will allow it, we will plant pictures of various Firefly Characters in the Village. The name of the game is, "Where's Saffron?" Find the picture of Saffron, and you will win a prize. If it turns out we can't do this, we'll still tour the Village, because it is just TOO Shiny for words!
  • Sereniverse Museum. A small table will be set up, with actual props from the Big Damn Movie. If anyone has an item they'd like displayed, please PM me.
  • SWAG! We will have items for sale this year, with the proceeds going to a local Charity, Middleway House in Bloomington. They're a Shelter for and Counseling Center for abused women and children; a very worthwhile cause. Among the items available will be copies of the BDM, The Series Box Set, Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog, and more. Any additional 'verse-themed items donated will be gladly accepted.
  • "Official" Merchandise! I have opened a cafepress shop, with Browncoat Bash tee shirts, mugs and tote bags. Proceeds will help defray the costs of throwing this little Shindig. So please, take a look and buy two of everything!


Obviously, we're hoping to do a lot this year, so any on-site help will be appreciated. If we have a lot of kids, someone to help monitor the playground would be helpful. Someone to manage the swag table while I burn the hot dogs... things like that!

A BIG advance Xie-xie to those planning on attending. And if you're not coming... why not?

"If you can't do something smart, do something that's Right!" -From the film "Serenity"