Sep 14 2009

Browncoat: Redemption Trailer 1 "I am a Browncoat"

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DISCLOSURE: I appear as an extra in this movie, but I have not seen a script or the finished film and the only details I know about the plot of the film are limited to statements made in public by the writers and producers of the film and so I am not revealing any privileged information

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Browncoats: Redemption Teaser Trailer from browncoatsmovie on Vimeo.

I find it interesting that each of the characters say "I am a Browncoat" as opposed to "I was a Browncoat". This would be similar to saying "I am a Confederate" after the US Civil war. Not a popular thing to say. But it also speaks to a deeper sense of opposition to the Alliance control of the 'Verse. When these characters say they are Browncoats, it means something a lot different than when we say it.

I am enthusiastic about this film. Not only becasue I may appear in it.