Sep 27 2009

Sick, dead and dying

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Heather and I returned from Indiana full of glee at our having attended the fabulous Backwoods Bash 2.0. we also toured some wineries around Indiana and I personally experienced the jackboot of Airport security when they confiscated my 5oz jar of F.R.O.G. Jam because it was over 3 ounces.  I feel safer already.  Especially because they let me keep the corkscrew I had in my luggage.

But Tuesday Heather began to feel feverish, and I started to have some diarrhea.  But Thursday Heather was bedridden and I was having the same symptoms as her.  I took off Friday from work and have been in bed since Thursday night and Heather is still feeling weak and tired. We are blaming Boyd for the flu since it makes this a case of "Boyd Flu".  Puns are supposed to make you feel better, right?

I am hoping to return to work on Monday and maybe finish posting pictures from all the stuff we've don for the last 4 months or so (Mount Vernon, Indiana, and some miscellaneous photos). Wish me luck and good health!