Dec 9 2009

2010 "Tweet me a Story" Contenst Entries Round 1

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The first round of the 2010 “Tweet me a Story” writing contest from NYCmidnight was last night. Entrants were assigned a word at 7 p.m. and had 5 hours to come up with up to 3 stories, under 140 characters each, including that word in proper usage.

My group got the word “TRAP.” Here’s what I wrote. The ones in red I submitted. Let me know if I should have submitted different ones in the comments.

  • "If I had opposable thumbs and a grappling hook I'll bet I could trap 4 or 5 of you a day," thought the lion from the comfort of his cage

  • Smell this, Dad said. That's a trap, I said, If I don't you mock me, if I do it'll be vile. Suit yourself, he said sniffing it himself.

  • "You have farren into my tlap!" the Yellow Peril said. "Fallen. Trap," Captain Obvious stated, helpfully.

  • "Nobody wants to place blame here," she said. I looked at her with hatred. She did it. I knew it and so did she. "Shut your trap," I said.

  • Stalk. Snatch. Grab. Drop in trap. Crabbing is the back beat behind the summertime music of steam, Old Bay, butter, and beer.

  • Trap your errors, my programming instructor had said. I remembered the lesson with irony because who guessed that a rogue AI was an error.

  • Mexican standoff. Yankee armed with gun & Afghani with knife at his throat both in Iraq. Together in a cosmopolitan trap of mutual capture.

  • A cage is not a trap, the raccoon mused, only the end result. He also mused that he was still stuck. He never could resist peanut butter.

  • Leon never suspected he would fall in love again.Last time he barely escaped the trap with his life. He was prepared to run this time around

  • Doc Octopus stared into the empty cell filled with robotic minions. Electrodes sparked and webbing hung from the bars. The trap was empty.

  • Ackbar swiveled to view the screen. It was obvious they'd played into the Emperor's hands. "It's a trap!" he cried.