Dec 17 2009

Vote for my minimum opus (opi?)

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Two of my entries were selected from the first round. This pleases me greatly becasue it tells me I might have a future in this "writing" thing. As long as I don't have to write anything longer than 140 characters.

You can vote for your favorite Tweet Me a Story story, and I'd appreciate it if you would consider voting for mine.  While you are there, C A. Bridges has two story entries in group 15, so give him a check if you would.

My stories chosen were:

A cage is not a trap, the raccoon mused, only the end result. He also mused that he was still stuck. He never could resist peanut butter.


Trap your errors, my programming instructor had said. I remembered the lesson with irony because who guessed that a rogue AI was an error.

And you can vote here. Vote early and vote often!