Aug 17 2010

New Design. Same Attitude.

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Wild and Bad has had a redesign.  I was getting tired of the previous design. It is only the second re-design I've done to the site (not counting the old pre-textpattern designs I created). And for the record, I'm not counting the recent widening of the content area as a redesign.

I am not quite to the HTML5 stage, but I've tried to build a design that can be converted to HTML5 without breaking the layout.  It is CSS3 to a great extent although I had to jump through some hoops to make it that way (you hear me, IE!). 

Don't be expecting a lot of new content becasue of the new design, now.  It'll still be just the occasional post once in a while. I wouldn't want to go all pro-blogger on y'all now would I?