Jan 13 2011

Tweet Me A Story 2011

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The first round of the 2011 “Tweet me a Story” writing contest from NYCmidnight was tonight. Entrants were assigned a word at 7 p.m. and had 5 hours to come up with up to 3 stories, under 140 characters each, including that word in proper usage.

My group got the word “INCREDIBLE.” Here’s what I wrote. The ones in red I submitted. Let me know if I should have submitted different ones in the comments.

The fireball blossomed like an artificial sun. "Hur Hur," he said, dropping the burned out match, "Incredible."

Grown to incredible size.
Made into meat pies.
Baked in an o'en.
That's how it's done.

"Incredible." she said appraising the painting he'd found in the attic.
"So it's valuable?" he asked.
She just laughed and laughed.

He had found the most incredible bargain. All his prayers answered (he never prayed). All it would cost was his soul. Transaction declined.

He had used many titles in his line of work: Assassin, Cleaner, Mechanic, Wetworks, but he preferred the one his kids used "Incredible Dad."

What an incredible view. He stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down into the canyon. He wanted to jump, but she had gone first.

In bed with her that night, feelings overwhelmed him as sensations overtook him. Words, however, did not fail him. "Incredible."