Mar 23 2011

An open letter to SYFY requesting that they air Browncoats:Redemption

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To whom it may concern:

I am a long-time watcher of SYFY and, although I disagree with certain directions the channel has taken recently I still consider it a channel for science fiction fans.  It has aired Firefly and Serenity in the past and has had reasonable ratings success from doing so which leads me to beleive that you might have an audience that would like to see this too.

Browncoats:Redemption is a non-profit film, and as such would need to be a non-profit venture from SYFY.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing. SYFY could benefit in goodwill by tying this in with the Annual Can't Stop the Serenity screenings and screen Serenity at the same time.  Use the opportunity to promote that film as your "money maker" and use Browncoats:Redemption as the "charity".  Either allow folks to order through the SYFY store (and possibly sell other things as additional purchases) or encourage folks to donate directly to the charities that are supported by Browncoats:Redemption.
  • Do interstitial promos with actors from Firefly and Serenity asking about the charities that they promote and how the fans support those charities.
  • Promote the charities themselves as ways of "reaching the future" depicted in science fiction where sexual parity, human rights and needs are met.
  • Promote your shows along the way by bringing in celebrity phone banks and provide a toll-free number that might allow a lucky fan to talk to a celebrity for a minute or two.

It would be a magnificent gesture to the fans, the charities, the science fiction community and mostly it would be (as Jayne says) "Something right".

Please consider it,
C. David Dent

PS: Be sure to read what other people besides me are saying