May 13 2011

Ever have one of those moments?

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I am writing this from the Episcopal Diosecan convention for the state of Maryland, and I just finished a nice conversation with not one by ttheee Episcopal priests. We were talking about symbols in media and one of them mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I said that my favorite was Firefly and all three of them game the the "what's that?" look and said they'd not heard if it. So I talked about it as a show about freedom, power and belief. One of the priests said he'd seen a scene from an episode. The one where Book talks to River and says "You can't fix faith, River, it fixes you."

I mentioned a few more of Books quotes and talked abouthis moment of doubt ("I've hit a man and allowed him to get shot after I promised to protect him. I've fallin in with thieves and worse. I think I'm in the wrong place?" and Inarra's response "Have you considered that you might be in exactly the right place?"

Three eyes looked interested and the question , "Can I get this on Netflix?" came up.

Yep yep it is. I think I just had a three-way conversion of priests. Go me!