May 10 2012

5th Annual Browncoats Backwoods Bash (Yep, still going!)

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Oh God, Oh God, we’re all going to Dine…. Again!

Yes, Folks, it’s back. This years’ FREE pitch-in Fan Picnic will be held at the Other Shelter at Cascades Park. The Big shelter, across from a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery (Appropriate, right?). As always, it’s a free picnic, but y’all are invited to bring swag to donate to our Silent Auction/ Sale, with all proceeds going to Middleway House, Bloomington’s local Shelter for Abused Women.

This marks the 5th Anniversary for our picnic, the 7th Anniversary for Serenity (aka The Big Damn Movie), and the 10th Anniversary for our favorite ad beloved TV Series Firefly. So this year, our theme is

“2012: The Year of the Flan”.

There are three rooms in the Sycamore Shelter.

The Main room will be dedicated to The Picnic, the Swag Auction, and the video viewing. Good Dogs, some kind of hot cheese, and other goodies will be provided. If/when you RSVP, give us an idea of what foods you might bring. Outside, we’ll have Frisbees, a volleyball and other games available to play. Across the street is one of the better playgrounds in Bloomington, so bring the little Browncoats! We will have

One of the Side rooms will be dedicated to the Serenity Role Playing Game . Dave and Heather from Annapolis MD have graciously volunteered their time and energy to Host this. Anyone who wants to play, Novice or Expert, is invited to join in. Wearing a costume relevant to the character you want to portray is encouraged! If we don’t get enough people for a full game, we might open the area to “Tales of the ‘Verse”; anyone who wants to, telling stories about their Browncoat Adventures and Experiences. There are many stories that can be told, I’m sure!

The other side room will be dedicated to “SHINY” which is our version of “Bingo”. The cost to play will be 50 cents per game, with small prizes to be awarded.

The Annual Costume Contest will be right after we eat (Noon? You never know…). Certificates will be awarded for best Kid costume, Funniest costume, Most Creative, and Best All-Around.

Surprises and Fun await, so make plans to attend right away! :D

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