Apr 17 2013

Bookmarklets for Disney City Girl

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A bookmarklet is a script that runs from a bookmark. They are free, safe (mine are anyways), and easy to use. To use these you need to drag the buttons below to your bookmark toolbar or right-click and choose "Bookmark this link" (or words to that effect). Read this link under Bookmarklets if you need more help doing this simple task.

In Disney City Girltm click the Send Free Gifts button in your inbox and select the gift you wish to send. IMPORTANT: Wait for the window with the list of users to appear! Then click the bookmarklet. Every one of the friends you see in your window will be checked and the list will be submitted.

Check All Friends

This one clicks all the buttons in your chat feed. It checks ALL the buttons: 'Score Points', 'Welcome Them', 'Add Friend', and 'Accept'. Be sure that's what you want to do before you use this bookmarklet. NOTE this still works even if your view is set to CHAT.

Click all Chat Buttons

This version is the "nuclear option" If clones each button 30 times an clicks them all. It will significantly boost your clicks!

Click Chat x 30

Sorts the page of friends. You must type the value EXACTLY like it appears in the prompt.

Enter one of these Values:

For more fun you can also type these values:


Sort Friends Table

Sometimes you need to cull your friends list. I do it by 'unfriending' anyone under level 4. You may have a different method, but that works for me. This button is designed to automatically unfriend anyone on a page of your friends list who is under a level you specify.

Unfriend by Level

These tools are supplied as a shortcut and NOT a cheat. They are free to distribute, by just sending them the link to this page. (CC license Attribution Share Alike: cc by-sa)