Nov 20 2014

Being Thankful

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Starting on Nov 29th, I am determined to be thankful for what I have. I've been extraordinarily blessed with family, friends, and success. I've been on the bottom and I know what that feels like. I never want to be accused of not appreciating how fortunate I am.

For 26 days--one for each letter of the alphabet--I will tweet to my larger audience something for which I am thankful. I encourage you to do the same. I'll be hashtaging #26DaysofGratitude #ThankfulFor and then linking this post. If it goes viral I'll probably break my server.

Today, I am #ThankfulFor Ackroyds -- @HeatherLynnA's family have been warm despite the distance. #26DaysofGratitude

The start date is not completely arbitrary, it is the 26 days prior to Christmas. That's the day we celebrate the gift that was given to us by God: his presence among us. It would be a gift we destroyed (God knew it would happen) so that God could show us how much he loves us by undoing our harm and raising us up in love. My gratitude for that act can't be adequately expressed except by doing it for others.

So this year be prepared for seemingly random shout-outs from me about how much I appreciate your gifts to me. Gifts you may not know you have given me. Gifts you may not even be aware you have.

Thank you, all of you. And If I don't get you in the next 26 days, make sure I know it so I can be sure to thank you personally.