Dec 2 2008

Coraline Boxes

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When I heard about these I got this strange feeling in my esophagus. That funny feeling you get when you see something that is so unbelievably cool that you covet it. I mean COVET it. I felt sinful just thinking about how badly I want one of these boxes.

There are only fifty of them. Each of them is handmade and sent as a specific gift to a blogger or author or...well I don't know what the criteria is. I want on so badly I can taste it.

Here's a link to the best source of information on these wonderful bits of magic in a mundane world. There you will find details of fourteen seventeen nineteen twenty-one of the 50 boxes announced so far.

There are fifty Coraline Mystery Boxes all together and each has a "secret" password to use on the site. The words identified so far are:

  • stopmotion
  • buttoneyes
  • puppetlove
  • armpithair
  • moustachio
  • sweaterxxs