Jan 16 2009

O-B-A-M-A Bingo/Drinking Game

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You can either print this out and place shot glasses in each space and the first person to clear a row and not die of alcohol poisoning wins. Or you can just mark it with markers. If you are playing with other people, I'd suggest making your own forms using a different arrangement (or create your own!). Have fun during the inauguration!

  O B A M A
1 “Historic” Hippie5 Celebrity1 *FREE* Fainter2
2 Fainter2 “Monumental” Oprah crying Celebrity1 *FREE*
3 Celebrity1 Hippie5 *FREE* “Kennedy” Jesse Jackson3
4 *FREE* Fainter2 Obama’s face on a t-shirt. “Lincoln” Celebrity1
5 “Most anticipated...”4 *FREE* Celebrity1 “Change” (Noun) Hippie5
  1. The name of a celebrity who thinks their opinion matters. NOTE: Each Space must be a different Celebrity. Also, Oprah may be good for two spaces if she cries and someone talks about it.
  2. Someone in the crowd passes out.
  3. He has to take credit for something in the campaign.
  4. “Most anticipated... inauguration in history”
  5. Has to have Tie-Die, a Beard, or a Peace Sign.