Feb 10 2009

How to NOT fail at life.

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This advice is more or less what Eric told me ages ago. Do it, and sooner or later it'll feel normal. This version is presented with another ulterior motive of course (sex) but ultimately it is real and practical advice (couched in a little profanity and humor).

It isn't really hard to fake it until you feel it. And it doesn't take much to derail you and make you feel like shit all over. I have moments where my brain just dumps a wad of toxic thought into my emotional sink and it takes me back to the bad old days. It is like quitting smoking. You knew it was bad for you when you were doing and once you quit you hacked up some awful shit. Now, years later, I still hack up the occasional brown bit. And my brain does that too. But I just spit it out and don't wallow in it. I take a deep breath and try to forget what it was like and go back to how I feel NOW.

Yep, good advice. You can click this graphic to see it ful size.