Feb 13 2009

Word from Victoria

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My brother-in-law Peter sent some pix of the aftermath of the fire from his home in Horsham.

Hi Hezz,

It was great of you to phone the other day (night for you), thank you for thinking of us.

As promised, here are a few photos I took two days after the fire. They really just show how close it came to the town - for us it was 700 metres away but for others it was at their back fence or closer. Ten homes were lost and the golf club, a major centre in the Wimmera, burned down. Of course this all pales by comparison with other parts of Victoria, so far the death toll is 181.

Anyway, here are the photos of our rather blackened landscape.



You can click thse images to enlarge them. All these images are (c) Peter j. Ackroyd