Feb 23 2009

I wouldn't mind so much if I was better prepared

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Jury duty is about the most boring thing you can possibly do. If you aren't called for a trial, all you do is sit on your ass and do nothering while waiting to be called. Did i bring a book? Did I have my iPod with me? Damn, its worse than sitting in the doctor's office. At least you have the himiliation of bing seen by a doctor to look forward to.

The do have internet terminals, which is nice, because I can bitch here, but frankly it isn't enough. I suppose I'll have to console myself with the $40.00 they are paying me to waste my time.

What can I buy with $40.00? Another book that I am not reading while I am here. A few albums that I can't listen to whithought my iPod. Yep, screwed.