Mar 20 2009

Unlimited Imagination Network

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Since Sci-Fi is now SyFy and is going the "dumbed-down" route of Pro Wrestling and Reality TV, I am going to start my own network. Of course it is all in my imagination since I don't have the resources to start a network. But it is fun to play.

This is the UIN Programming Schedule. I'll get around to making some better ways to tap into this resource, but this'll do for now. If you have a show you'd like to pitch, you can email it to me or if you have a gmail calendar you just invite the UIN calendar (Calendar ID: to an event on your own calendar. In your pitch make sure you specify what day(or days) your show will air, how long it runs (30 min blocks please - so 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes) and a little description. If it is "Paid Programming" that means that it will be tied to marketing of some sort whether it is interstitial ads or an 800 number running along side for folks to buy merchandise. It does NOT mean standard commercials. I am still thinking about how to make advertising less annoying. Suggestions are welcome.

Your program can be a classic show, a current show, or a proposed show. I'd prefer if it is a new show that it not be a remake of a classic show or a spin-off. So no Firefly spin-offs, please as much as we'd like to see them. If you pitch a new show try to think in terms of cost. If you don't think that a budget of $750,000 per episode is enough (compare that to Firefly costing $1 mil. per episode in 1998) then it'll probably not get accepted.

Something else to consider: If only 13 episodes of your show exist, then it can't run more than 13 weeks. I want to fill out 1 year of programming. If I can't do it without producing a lot of new shows than I'll give up. Please don't schedule shows into 2010. You'll notice I filled most of the late-night programming already. I am open to new pitches.

Ready? Go for it!