Mar 4 2010

A matter of design

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Wild and Bad has gotten bigger; about 200 pixels bigger.  I widened the design to increase the content width.  I also increased the font size a bit.  Why?  Becuase I was tired of the cramped-looking deisgn on my larger-than-average monitors.

 It does mean that those of you with smaller-than-average monitors (in this case less than 1024 x 768) will be suffering.  With my itty-bitty traffic numbers I don't have to care.

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Nov 12 2009

Pardon the hiccup

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I upgraded the Apache Webserver, and all of the PHP, libraries, and stuff on the WildAndBad server to their 64-bit versions.  While there I upgraded the versions to the latest.

This means that errors, lack of service and such happened...and may still happen. I'm on it but just in case you have a problem and can't wait email me at and let me know what youfound and a link to the error (or a screenshot of it).

I'd say it has been an interesting change to go from PHP 5.1 to 5.3...lots of differences. More than I'd expected.


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